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Hi, my name is Wyatt Wesley Whittington and I am and a heart survivor. I was born with a couple of heart defects and had open-heart surgery when I was 5 days old. After my surgery, I developed complications and flat-lined for a couple of minutes but the doctors at Children's re-opened my chest and made my heart pump again. Thanks to advancements in research, medical staff and volunteers, my life was saved. 

My purpose in life is to help save lives! My motto is to Live & Give. Through this foundation we can make a difference. We can all develop habits and start to live a healthy life with 3 easy steps:

  1. 1. Eat Smart
  2. 2. Stay Active
  3. 3. Be Tobacco-free


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The W.W.W. Health Foundation Board Members,
Gisella Olivo, Co-Founder / Executive Director
Wyatt Whittington, Co - Founder
Oscar Bermudez, Santa Anita Polo Club
Nancy Navarro, Attorney
Rick Olivo, Judge & Attorney
Trace Mitchell or 469.878.8944


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